Saturday, February 28, 2009

One Month - One Plane - One Song / February 2009

February 2009, 08:33:14 AM

I know a sickness so ancient and cross
No crucifix could ever fix enough
In the basement of a church, these people, they talk
There is a line, that must be walked
If you wanna make it stop
Then stop

I know a place where the future is denied
I know a hand that twitches inside
For some of us the glass is filled with lights
But if the honey makes you sick,
honey, there is a line
That must be walked if you wanna make it stop
Then stop

Lie down
You don't have to talk
Slow down
Slow down
It's not your fault
Look around, there's so many of us
So many of us
You are not alone


Call in the backup and the backup comes
Nobody can help you if you won't
Inside your chest your heart is just hurt
Behind your eyes a need replaced a want

I know a sickness so ancient and cross
A crucifix can never fix enough
I know a past when the future is lost
I know of a line that must be walked

There is a darkness and there is a light
And there is a choice.
For a balance to be made every night
A weakness must be found
If you want it to stop

Be patient, oh, the past is just a memory in here
Heal your mind, you'll heal inside eventually
We were born into a light
We were born into a light

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Stop (link removed)

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