Monday, September 04, 2006


Autant depuis le début de l'année je n'ai pas trouvé un disque phénomènal, autant ce weekend j'ai fait pas mal de découvertes.

Je voulais faire partager ce petit groupe Danois :Mew. J'arrive pas à decrocher. Au depart j'etais rebuté par le nom de peur d'avoir affaire un disque de cris d'animaux mais bon...

A l'ecoute voila ce qui me venait à l'esprit : The Knife, Ben Folds, Interpol '2.0', Sigur ros, Coldplay, Tool, Europe :)

C'est theatral et atmospherique mais avec un gros son derriere ...

Nitsuh Abebe de pitchfork, le dis bien mieux que moi :
It’s a terrific accomplishment, and it’s tempting to imagine one reason why-- that these guys are playing not out of fashion, but out of pure belief. What’s stranger is to imagine how this fashion-bucking record could pull fans from so many different classes of listener: arty cloud-buster for Coldplay fans, sensitive hard-rock opus for Guitar Center techies and Dream Theater devotees, a masterpiece for people who haven’t smoked weed yet but are thinking about it, Bambi-faced European dreamers to match the unicorn poster on the wall. For our readers-- at a time when indie rock is enamored of scratchy post-punk minimalism, and even a grand-ambition pop act like Bloc Party pretends to be bristly-- this could be the escape of the year, a curve off into the lush, ambitious stargazing that used to happen all the time. No matter which direction listeners come from on this one, they’ll find the same thing: If you’re up for that fairy-tale rock glory, these guys have it down.
Mew - Apocalypso (link removed)
Mew - Special (link removed)