Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One Month - One Plane - One Song / October 2008

October 2008, 08:10:28 AM

There are things some people classify as pleasures
That, just before I die, I’ll have no regrets having missed:
Camping, and orgies, and places on the body I’ve never kissed.

But however you define,
whatever you have in mind
We both have a need for things we don’t need
Like belief, and relief, and pleasure, and grief

Now I’m sitting here waiting to leave, New Year’s Eve
Nothing good came from MMV
But death and destruction, and my new resolution:
To drink more, and laugh more, and sleep more, and dream more

The New Year - MMV (link removed)

Cette chanson est juste parfaite et parfaitement faite pour ce petit matin d'automne.

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Lyrics thx to Bradley


MrMeuble said...

superbe, tout simplement !

Distance Has The Way said...

Merci meuble ! cheers to the new year :)